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Where to find Norton Product Key?

The Norton programming is anything but difficult to introduce simply discover 25-character alpha-numeric code which is imprinted on the rear of the retail card. Here is an example Norton Product Key to make you comprehend: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.


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Call Now Our Toll Free: +1-855-998-4770

As the technology is rising day by day in various brands of antivirus application, Norton comes as one of the best antiviruses to eliminate malicious from smartphones, computers, tablets, and other sorts of gadgets.
As the dependence on the internet is increasing rapidly along with the dangers associated with it, installing antivirus into any device becomes the best solution to give the proper shield to any device.
It doesn’t matter, how careful you are while using the Internet and computer, you can’t be safe from the risks of cybercrime, viruses, and malware.
If you want to stop them, you should choose any antivirus software that has become an important tool at present.
Since the need for computer security is increasing day by day, there are umpteen brands available which are offering antivirus software in the market.
But, it has been seen that Norton is the king of all the antivirus software. Basically, Norton is a multinational company that is based in the USA, and its security works on iOS, Android, Mac OS X platforms, and Microsoft Windows.
Also, this type of Norton security comes in three editions which are stated below:
  1. Norton Security Premium
  2. Norton Security Deluxe
  3. Norton Security Standard
Norton security premium from these three editions; provides proper protection to up to 10 devices. After this, you should know the installation method of this antivirus software which are given below:

How can you download and Install Norton Setup?

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Call Now Our Toll Free: +1-855-998-4770

  • Launch any web browser in your device and go to

  • You will sign in to your Norton Account by filling in your email address and password which is associated with Norton and click on Sign in button.

  • If you are signing in the first time at any device which doesn’t have Norton antivirus installed, you will get prompted to choose one from the given two options:
    1. Install on other devices.
    2. Install on this device.

  • After that, you will click on the Agree & Download button for getting the security software downloaded and installed on your device.

  • You will get the Norton downloader program after installing Norton software on your device.

  • When you’ll run the downloader program then the installation process of the Norton security product will begin.

  • You will click on the user agreement and read it. After this, you will follow the on-screen prompts and click on “agree”. By clicking on the agree button then the Norton security product will be installed.

How Will You Install Norton Setup On Additional Devices?

  • If you are one of those who want to install Norton antivirus software on other sorts of devices such as mobile, computer, etc., start to follow these steps which are following:

  • You will have to go to your Norton management console which is available www.

  • After that, you will go to the management home page and you will see a download Norton button. Above that button, you will see a button for “Do you want to add more devices?”

  • After clicking on that button, you will go to install on other device tab and follow the on-screen prompts.

  • Through this process, you will be able to send the installation link through email.

After knowing the Norton installation setup on additional devices, you can also know the activation of Norton setup or you can dial Norton Contact Support Number to solve your problems. 

How Will You Activate Norton Setup (Norton.Com/Setup)?

    • Firstly, you will open any web browser and click on the


    • After that, you will sign in to your Norton account and locate your Norton product key. If you have already bought and downloaded Norton security online, you will get the product key in your confirmation email.


    • If you won’t get the product key in your inbox then you can search it into the junk or spam folder of your email or you can take Norton Antivirus Customer Service to solve your problems.


    • If you have already bought a physical copy of the Norton product from a retail store, you will get the Norton product key in your inbox. Also, you can get the Norton product key either printed on a sticker at the backside of the case of the CD, or it can be written on a card within the package.


    • After getting the Norton product key, you will enter the 25 digits Norton product key in the given field.


  • After entering Norton product key, you will click on Activate.
Note:You will have to follow the instructions carefully mentioned on the screen, for completing the activation process.

How Will You Update Norton to the Latest Version?

If you have an active subscription then you can easily update your Norton to the latest version from your Norton account without paying any cost. So, if you are trying to update your Norton, to get immediate Norton Antivirus Support you need to follow the two ways through which Norton product can be updated which are given below.

Update Your Norton Product from Your Norton Account

  • You will sign in to Norton account.

  • If you forgot your Norton account password and want to reset it, you can easily reset it by clicking on the button i.e. I forgot my Norton account password.

  • You will select the device in the device security page, and click on Update to upgrade your Norton product.

  • If you have already installed the latest version of Norton then the update option will not be visible on the screen.

Update Norton Product from Norton Update Center

To update Norton for Windows, you should follow these given steps.
  • You will go to the Norton Update Center.

  • After this, you will click on Update Me Now.

  • You will click Run on the file download- security warning window.

  • Then, you will follow the on-screen instructions.